Dress Code

At Tomahawk School, we have adopted a uniform dress code. The following is a list of the specific guidelines for our dress code, as set up by an open committee of parents, teachers and administrators: 

Uniform Colors and Style

Students will wear solid white, light blue, or navy blue shirts with collars, mock turtlenecks, or turtlenecks. Buttons must match or blend with the color of the shirt. All shirts must have short or long sleeves (no sleeveless tops). Shirts must be worn tucked into the bottoms. 

The uniform bottoms will consist of navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, rompers, capri or cropped pants or jumpers. 

Belts may be worn, but the buckles must be plain with no initials. Belts must be worn through loops with no ‘tail’ hanging down. 

A solid colored navy blue or white sweatshirt or sweater may be worn over the collared shirt, mock turtleneck, or turtleneck while in class (no print or pictures may be on this sweater or sweatshirt or it will be considered OUTERWEAR.). The collar of the shirt must be visible from underneath the sweatshirt or sweater. 

T-shirts (other than ‘Warrior’ spirit shirts worn on Fridays), cutoff legs or body hugging clothing, bell-bottoms and denim jeans or jeans type pants or shorts will not be allowed. 

Overalls may NOT have metal hardware to give it a jeans look. 

If a t-shirt or undershirt is worn under a shirt it must be short sleeved (except in cold weather) or sleeveless solid white, light or navy blue. 

Size and Length of Outfits

All pieces of clothing must fit the child. Students will be permitted to wear outfits no more than one size larger to allow for growth. 
Pants must fit at the waist and may not drag the ground. No bagging or sagging. Skirts and jumpers must not be shorter than mid thigh nor longer than mid calf. 

The length of skorts, rompers, and shorts (on boys and girls) must not be shorter than the middle of the thigh and must not be longer than just below the bottom of the knee. 

Foot Wear

Students must wear closed toe shoes for safety reasons. No open toe shoes, boots or sandals. The heel of the shoe may be no higher than one inch...No high platform-type of shoe may be worn. Heels higher than 1 inch are unstable and unsafe for students running on playground areas as well as in PE classes. 

*NOTE: If the shoe has laces, these must be tied correctly (for safety). 

Socks MUST be worn! Socks MUST be predominately white. 

Long socks pulled up to the calves or knees on boys will not be allowed. They must be crew, ankle or sport length. 

(Girls may wear regular girls’ knee-high socks or tights but not THIGH high socks, must be white, navy or light blue) 

Outer Wear

Outer wear is designed to be worn outside of the building, as the weather dictates. Administration will announce ‘no outerwear’ if the temperatures become excessively high during outside periods, for the health safety of all students. 

Outerwear is not to be worn in the buildings in the classroom and during assemblies. 

Students may wear windbreakers, jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts as outer wear. Different colors, patterns, and emblems are acceptable as long as they are appropriate and not gang related. Expensive jackets are discouraged, as the school is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen outer wear. 

Outerwear may be no more than two sizes too large for the child. Students may NOT wear flannel shirts as outer wear. 

Hats, beanies and caps of any kind are not permitted at Tomahawk School in grades K-5 except in extremely cold morning weather or special cases of medical need.* If a cap is worn for a school event, it must be worn visor forward, in correct fashion. 

Please put your child’s name and room number on all outerwear so that it might be returned if misplaced or forgotten. 

*NOTE: If a child is under a doctor’s care for an ear infection etc., and a hat is required for a certain length of time, please contact the nurse’s office and provide written direction from your child’s doctor, indicating how long the hat will need to be worn. A pass will be issued to the student for that time period, with administration approval for the hat to be worn for the medical reason only, and outside the buildings only. 

All students must wear their school uniforms tucked in during school hours as well as at after school activities while on school grounds, including the Phoenix Parks and Recreation PAC program. 

Uniform Sales

For your convenience, Tomahawk recommends the following shops for extended sizes and reasonably priced uniform pieces. There is a good selection of all sizes at Collette’s Uniform Company, 5212 W. Camelback Road. Call (623) 931-1793 for store hours. Also, Target, Sears, Walmart and other department stores carry a good selection of uniform pieces every year. 

Please see the nurse if you are having difficulty in obtaining appropriate uniform clothing for your child. 

Uniform Violations

Parents will be required to sign a form stating that they will conform to the uniform policy. If a student violates the uniform policy, the office will issue a notice to the parents, which must be signed and returned to the office. Consequences for violations are as follows: 

1st Violation: Student may have parent bring change of clothing or ‘borrow ‘ school owned uniform item for the day, and takes home a WARNING notice to be signed by parent and returned next day. 

2nd Violation: Student may be required to change and be given 1 day of noontime detention. Parents will be notified by phone AND/OR written form to be signed and returned next day. 

3rd Violation: Student may be required to change and be given 2 days of noontime detention. Parents will be notified by phone AND/OR written form to be signed and returned the next day. 

4th Violation: Student may be required to change, be given ISD for the remainder of the day and will be suspended pending parent conference. Parent Contact will be made. 

Any further violations will result in administrative decision for consequences. 

**NOTE: If a student cannot reach a parent for a change to an appropriate item of clothing for any reason, he or she may ‘borrow’ a uniform item (if size is available) from our Tomahawk clothes closet. Usually, children will change back to their own clothing at the end of the school day, but, if worn home, the item must be returned the following day for washing, as we have only a limited number of items for emergency use. We appreciate your assistance with this. 

Hair Styles

Hair and eyebrows should not be styled to promote negative reactions or be a distraction from the educational process. NO MOHAWKS ALLOWED. 

Bandanas will not be permitted. 

Decisions on unusual hair styles will be made by the administration on an individual basis. There are no restrictions on hair accessories, as long as these are in good taste and do not cover a great portion of the head. 


Students may not wear excessive jewelry or offensive designs. The “TWO” rule is used here.... two rings, two bracelets. (Bracelets/accessories worn on the upper arm are not permitted.) 

**NOTE: only ONE necklace, worn INSIDE the shirt on a small chain is permitted. No ‘choker-style or cord necklaces on the neck are allowed. 

Small earrings in pierced ears are permitted, but the "TWO" rule holds for each ear. 

Hoop style earrings must be small because they could be ripped out during play if too large, and they are a distraction as well. 

No piercing through nose, brows or other visible parts of body. These are excessive, promote distraction to the educational process, and are not appropriate for school uniform wear. 

**NOTE Consequences: Inappropriate, oversized, or dangerous jewelry will be removed and returned to a parent only, or to the student on the last day of school. Likewise, excessive jewelry will be removed and returned to a parent only, or the student on the last day of school 

**NOTE: The school is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry, and we discourage the wearing of any with the uniform, particularly any of personal or great value for this reason. 

Make-up and Fingernails

No make-up is to be brought to school. 

Make-up may not be worn at school, unless it is required for a special program. This includes lipstick, lip gloss, eye make-up, glitter, body glitter and hair paint. 

Fingernails must be an appropriate short/sport length for safety reasons, and must be an appropriate color. Acrylic or gel nails are discouraged because the length is usually too long for safety. Children may be scratched during play.

**NOTE: Consequence:
Nails that are too long will be required to be filed down to an appropriate length for safety at an elementary school. 

Students wearing make-up will be required to wash it off immediately and will also receive a uniform code violation form and appropriate consequence. 

Spirit Days

Tomahawk will still have Student Council sponsored community service projects and even spirit days during which the dress code may be changed. Students will be notified in advance of such days. Student Council officers are 5th graders. Classroom representatives come from grades 3-4-5. 

Non-Uniform Days

Occasionally, administration may use a non-uniform day as a reward or incentive. Students will be notified if they qualify for such an occasion, and will be issued a special pass for the day. 

NOTE: If your child must wear a hat or dark glasses for medical reasons, a note from the doctor is required. The note must include the length of time the hat needs to be worn as well as the reason. Bring this to administration office. The hat is to be worn PROPERLY for the duration of need. 


Students are permitted to bring to school only those items which pertain to the educational process. 

If a student brings the following items, the administration or any staff member may temporarily confiscate it. Contraband or dangerous items will not be returned: 

The following are NOT ALLOWED in the possession of students in backpacks, pockets, desks…..

1. Cell phones/pagers (if parent needs the child to have one, it MUST be checked in daily at the office since classrooms have telephones for emergencies). 

2, Personal CD players, Walkman, MP3 player, iPods, radios, earphones 

3. Video/Electronic games. 

4. Skateboards/roller blades/skates or “"shoe” skates. 

5. Athletic head (sweat)bands, “do-rags”, male hair nets, hair picks in hair, oily balm. 

6. Cologne, make-up, nail polish, hair spray, lipstick or lip gloss. (only MEDICATED lip balm is ` acceptable)

7. Sunglasses (without a Doctor’s note)

8. Purses and mini backpacks (considered and sold as handbags)

9. Excessive jewelry (small earrings, rings and small chain necklaces are permitted, but the school is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged jewelry (See Uniform Code)

10. No Trading or playing cards or related paraphernalia

11. Students are not allowed to sell any item on campus except in connection with activities authorized by the principal’s office.

12. No toys are to be brought to school.

13. Pocketknives, lighters, matches or camping tools (Subject to Suspension)

14. No balls or sports equipment may be brought from home, since school cannot be responsible

for damage or theft of these items. We have plenty of sports equipment at school for use by students at play. 


16. No gambling. 

**NOTE: Younger students MAY bring a non- dangerous item to a teacher organized classroom SHOW and TELL ONLY, if the item is in a closed sack marked with the child’s name, grade and “Show and Tell”. Such items will be confiscated if they are brought out from the bag or classroom to the cafeteria or playground. (We do not want items stolen or damaged in any way). 


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